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eco-anxiety & climate grief

Climate change is one of the most profound catastrophes of our time.  Although it makes headlines occasionally (in some news sources more than others), at times it can feel that no one cares and life carries on as “business as usual.”  Leaders at the national and global levels continue to fail to act in any meaningful way. 


For those of us who are aware of and sensitive to the changes wrought by overpopulation, development, pollution, and global warming, it can be exceedingly painful to bear witness to the suffering of people, animals, plants, and ecosystems on our beautiful planet.  Anxiety, depression, anger, numbness, and grief are all normal and appropriate reactions since we are intrinsically connected to the natural world; indeed, it is what sustains and nourishes us. 


Several years ago, I discovered the field of ecopsychology.  Ecopsychology was developed in the 1990’s and has grown tremendously in the last decade.  Of course, cultures and spiritual traditions around the world have long valued our relationship with the natural world, including Native Americans as well as Nordic animists in Europe.  Only recently have some psychologists and therapists worked to nurture the field into a robust discipline that is supported by research (most of us instinctively know that a walk in the woods can clear the mind and reduce stress and now there are scientific studies to prove it).  For more information, visit this website: Ecotherapy.

If you are someone who already feels a connection with nature (loving animals, gardening, hiking, visiting the beach or mountains or jumping into a lake), ecotherapy may offer a meaningful path towards healing and wholeness.  Earth-based healing approaches (aka ecotherapy) offer us a way to plug into the natural world, allowing ourselves to be transformed by it.  

Image by Michal B.

I am here to support you in sorting through feelings of anxiety, processing grief, or digging deep into depression with the goal of coming through rejuvenated, inspired, and connected.  I hope to soon offer outdoor ecotherapy group and individual sessions but for now, sessions take place in my office, which has a growing collection of plants and a big window looking out towards the Western sky.

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