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Red Wolf Therapeutic Services

Red Wolf Therapeutic Services is a private therapy practice located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, that supports and nurtures people towards healing and wholeness. 

Allison Zirkel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist who offers individual therapy sessions for people ages 16 and up.


Specialty Areas

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"The question is never, 'Why the addiction?' but 'Why the pain?'"

-Dr. Gabor Mate


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"Our experience of pain for the world springs from our connectivity with all beings."

-Joanna Macy

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"What is my contribution? To be integrated, understood, and then proliferated as a contribution..."

                      -Ke'oni Hanalei

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my approach

I operate from a foundational understanding that we are all connected in a myriad of ways, though the dominant culture in which we live tends to weaken these connections, leaving many of us feeling isolated, overwhelmed, lost, and distracted.  Rather than pathologize the individual, as mainstream Western psychology has done, I believe that we are living in a toxic culture that has severed us from our roots and our innate and intuitive ways of knowing and being in the world.   

I have studied and been trained in a variety of approaches and am cultivating a therapeutic practice that includes elements of somatic awareness, meditation, harm reduction, trauma-focused CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), depth psychology, and ecotherapy.  We will work together to identify an approach that is unique to you and to the therapeutic relationship.  I have also trained in and studied histories of racism and oppression and strive to maintain a solid understanding of how these histories continue to impact us, individually and collectively.  This understanding is a critical piece of identity exploration and I will tread these waters with you, in partnership, with sensitivity, non-judgment, and compassion.

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